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BBQ – Many Things to Many People

BBQ, what do you think when you hear or see the word BBQ? Some people think of cooking steaks on their grill outdoors. They like to go out onto the patio, light a charcoal grill, and slap old ribs or steak bones on the grill. The smell of smoke and the sound of a screaming steak on the warm summer night touched their hearts and sprinkled their mouths. You can also take advantage of the best bbq via

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Many people in the interior south think of a good pork sandwich when they think of grilling. You fry that pork shoulder or plugin a smoker all day. In the end, it was so soft that it crumbled easily. Almost everyone has their seasonings and seasonings, which is their secret to making their grill taste exactly the way they want it.

Sometimes it is passed down from one generation to the next and is a closely guarded secret. Then there's the sauce that you put on top of the pork once it's done. Some prefer white sauce while others prefer a more traditional brown sauce. Some also use their recipe for this, while others use only commercial sauces.

After you have decided on the type of grill, you need to decide on the type of grill. Some like gas while others prefer traditional coal. Some like to use different trees to get that special taste. Hickory, apple, and mesquite are some of the favorites. 

The type of grill you get can be very simple or very complex. Some apartment residents have small round grills that hold a little charcoal for grilling burgers or steaks on their terraces. Others have bulky and sometimes very expensive equipment that can cost thousands of dollars.