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Car Care Tips To Maintain Your Car During Winters

The changing of the seasons requires official health checks, both in person and for your car! As the weather changes, you need to tame your car to cope with the climate and not miss a moment destroying its property. Let us take you through a quick guide to winter car care.

How long does it take for your car to warm up?

The most common problem in winter is that when we get into the car in the morning and turn it on, the temperature gauge is "C", which indicates that the engine oil is cold. One misconception, however, is that the C on the dash indicates the engine is cold. You can use the hot head heaters to keep the engine warm during winters.

Due to cold engine oil, the driver feels resistance in the first few kilometres when accelerating. Starting the vehicle and leaving it idle doesn't help, you have to drive slowly for the first few kilometres.

When was the last time you got your car serviced?

Even though the car is new, some owners don't have time to get free service for their car. Check the manufacturer's manual to find out the last time you had your car serviced. If it takes a long time, you have to make an appointment to fix it.

Are you often looking for a powerful battery?

The condition of the battery must be checked before winter as the battery does not charge as fast in winter as it is cold compared to normal days. So have a mechanic inspect it and replace it if necessary.