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Choosing The Right Window Glass For Your Home

Glass plays an important and unique role in building design. Choosing the best replacement window glass for the home can reduce your cooling and also increase the heating cost. 

If you need a window glass replacement in the North Vancouver area, we are here to help you.If this is the moment to install brand new windows to your home, then think about the following when choosing style and materials.

Window Glass

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Low-E window glass

Low-E coating is the most popular type of reflective coating. Low-E has some great benefits. They decrease the U-value, increase the R-value. Additionally, it helps reduce harmful UV sun. Windows produced with low-E coatings typically cost about 15% more than standard windows.


It is available in various designs and styles. Many manufacturers offer a choice of tinted window glass. This type of glass can reduce the amount of hot heat entering you and also reduce the number of ultraviolet light.


Safety glass should be used where there is a risk of glass breakage and also for those who are within the limits of glass particles. There are actually some types of safety glass available: laminated, wire-reinforced, and also tempered. 

Laminated glass is a combination of a pair of glass sheets with several layers of plastic material. Laminated glass provides the solar control advantage of toned glass.

Wire-reinforced glass leads to wire mesh when broken. Tempered glass is usually heat-treated during manufacture and is laminated rather than shattered when broken.