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Everything You Need to Know About Plan Paint

Plan paint is a special type of paint. Here we discuss in detail about how to apply plan pain:

Step 1: Cleaning – The first step in a plan color job is cleaning. The surface of the vehicle is thoroughly cleaned of all dirt with soap and water and allowed to dry. 

Plan Paint

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Before painting, a thorough surface cleaning is necessary to ensure that the paint adheres properly to the surface. Contaminated surfaces do not allow the paint to adhere firmly to metal surfaces, which causes the paint to peel off faster than when applied to a clean surface.

Step 2: Pre-treatment – Standard primary care was used for pre-treatment. The purpose of the pretreatment is to increase the adhesion of the subsequent layers and to provide temporary corrosion resistance. Pretreatments should be carried out as soon as possible after cleaning.

Step 3: Priming – After cleaning and pretreatment, the metal surface is primed with an epoxy resin. This primer makes metal surfaces resistant to corrosion. An additional layer of epoxy-polyamide enamel is applied to the epoxy primer on the inner surface. 

Step 4: Topcoat – Finally, a polyurethane roof layer is applied to the surface of the car. Polyurethane is only used on vehicle exterior surfaces. It serves as camouflage and makes the surface of the car resistant to chemicals and biological weapons. Epoxy resins are used for interior surfaces. You can even search online for more information about plan paint.