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Know All About Helium Balloons

You wouldn't believe that promotional latex balloons can be printed while they are inflated. It is a complex process. The latex balloons will be inflated with air and then clamped. The balloons are then placed on a screen that displays the image. After printing, the ink must be fully dried before it can deflate. It is important to let the ink dry completely before it can be deflated.

Otherwise, the ink may remain moist for many hours and will stick together. To speed up drying, an automatic printer can inflate the balloons a bit more after printing. The balloons are then usually blown dry. You can also order designer balloons from Balloonelle.

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For the thin application of ink to the balloons, offset printing required rubber plates and rollers. The ink dried quickly as a result. This was a great printing method, but the quality was poor. Although the printed versions were good when flat, once they were inflated, the ink began to fade. Screen printing was a popular choice because of the increased demand. 

Screen printing offers superior quality and a thicker ink build. The offset method made it impossible to print white ink on black. Accessorizing has become more popular as balloon printing became more popular at corporate events, birthdays, and weddings. Self-sealing valves were available before too long as it was difficult to tie more than 100 balloons. 

Initial valves were difficult to seal and required some inward push. Later, instant sealing valves replaced them. Once the balloons have been printed, the valves can be inserted into their bottoms. They become the perfect promotional item. Demand for balloon printing grew as the popularity of balloon printing grew.