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Monoclonal And Polyclonal Antibodies For ELISA Applications

ELISA is tried-and-true; it’s often considered the cornerstone assay of antibody discovery, after all.  And because of that, its real value in antibody research sometimes gets short shrift. Truth is, getting honest results from ELISA – the kind that avoids false positives, false negatives, or otherwise leads your research astray – requires a mastery of nuance, an ability to apply art and science with equal dexterity.

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Some of the things about ELISA are:

• ELISA analysis is especially useful for soluble or secreted targets. They are particularly useful for the development of critical reagents or PK or ADA assays to support clinical development, or for the detection and characterization of antibodies against soluble therapeutic targets.

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• There are a variety of commercially available ELISA products and ready-made secondary antibodies, buffers, and reagents (including special plates) that can be used to perform ELISAs.

• ELISA can be a powerful tool for the overall characterization of candidate antibodies. Through receptor blocking assays and epitope analysis, we can further examine your antibody candidates to determine whether they bind differently or to the same epitope.

• While ELISA is basic analysis, it is only one of many immunochemical methods that help support detection efforts. We offer a wide range of research services including but not limited to flow cytometry, biolayer interferometry, cell line generation, and another custom analytical development.