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Relevance Of Salesforce Communities In The Present Business Scenario

The Salesforce community has become one of the preferred ways to collaborate with external components that exist outside the organization. Specifically, it offers a community that can be divided into two categories. They are the customer community and the partner community.

However, to the extent that Salesforce's site sharing rights are respected, the partner community still has a clear advantage over the customer community.

Salesforce platinum partners offer employees a better way to connect with customers and business partners. It consists of social network features like real-time broadcasts, profiles, recommendations, hot topics, etc. In this way, it helps companies to directly contact customers to solve all kinds of existing consumer problems.

salesforce platinum partners

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Many types of networks can be created with the Sales Force Community to meet the various needs and requirements of customers and business partners, and so on.

The Salesforce community gives companies the ability to customize a public support network where customers can access a knowledge base with specific answers to any question, or post questions to get answers. It allows users to post their interests to specific posts or tag people.

Meanwhile, support agents can personally respond to certainly published questionnaires. It is also possible to escalate unanswered questions to ensure that no requests are ignored or unanswered.

Other key features include creating events, groups, and subscriptions, and tracking specific types of threads in the feed. In addition to these types of general customer support communities, businesses can also create exclusive invite-based communities specifically designed for business owners, distributors or platinum card members, and more.