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Skin Treatments That Makes You Look Younger

The consumption of food basically affects the body and external surface. It plays a major role in how you look and the quality of the skin surface. However, some food items aggravate the production of free radicals that can result in the surface's age.

Marie France Skin and Body Care products can help you to get rid of dark spots and help even skin tone using plant-based ingredients.Some of the major food products and ingredients that cause damage to the body and skin are listed below.

• Foods that are fattening are harmful to the body. They increase sebum production that accumulates within the pores on the surface. Gradually, this leads to the development of certain skin ordeals like acne, pimples, and blemishes. 

• Simple carbohydrate-containing foods are extremely devastative when consumed in large quantities. It causes enough damage to the elastin and protein collagen. These contribute hugely in making the surface texture loose its elasticity and firmness. 

• Consuming white bread and white sugar can be extremely dreadful for the growing fetus within a woman. Its effects are so disastrous that it can damage the inner cells completely.

• Seafood that is lower in mercury levels is great for an excellent skin surface. These are unlike fishes that have higher mercury content which can cause immense damage to the inner system. Fishes like Haddock, Crab, Trout, Wild Salmon and more are great for the skin.