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Know About Vodka And Whiskey Festivals

If there is one thing that can pull in tourists to the USA besides gorgeous and magnificent sightseeing routes, it is the festival of vodkas and whiskey, held every year. 

Especially, it refers to whiskey, as it is the biggest festival dedicated to this alcohol drink in the world. Hop over to this website to know the different flavors of alcohol available in this festival.

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As it is an alcohol festival, a big variety is guaranteed. About 1500 sorts of whiskey, beer, cider and vodkas are exhibited and new recipes from local producers often experience the biggest demand. 

Alcohol highlights from other countries are in the demonstration list as well, including French champagne, Spanish tequila, German beer and whatsoever. Tasting and drinking are not the only in the festival agenda; they are accompanied with seminars and master classes guided by notable producers.

Visitors can also take part in the poll on the best brand of whiskey or beer, and the organizers then solemnly hand the prizes. However, degustation procedures are perfectly combined with the work of cafes and restaurants, which serve the fancies of national cuisine. 

The organizers take care of the condition and health of guests, offering a personal tasting glass alongside the entrance ticket which can accommodate only 15 centiliters of liquid.