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Reasons Why Business Cards Are Still Important

In today's world of online advertising, social media, and full access to anything and everything via a cell phone or handheld device, you may be making the mistake of neglecting to obtain business cards to help promote your business.

You already have a great website, your business has both a Facebook and a Twitter page, and the leads you get from these sources are impressive. However, don't let the positive business momentum of these online sources let you forget the basics.

All business people who truly seek to be continually successful should have business cards and, if possible, an additional physical advertisement such as a brochure. But even if you don't have brochures, be sure to invest in some kind of business card. You can choose the best  Custom Metal Cards via

One thing to keep in mind about business cards is that they don't always translate into immediate business. Sometimes even a year or more after you've presented a business card to a potential customer, they can call. How many times have you taken a business card from someone and thrown it in a drawer?

Sometime later when you need that service or product they offer, or you are just cleaning some papers from the dresser, you will come across that card. This will most likely be the point at which the card will be used, shuffled back into the stack of papers, or discarded.

Business cards come in many styles and types. Your business card should always contain the following information:

  • Your name
  • The name of your company
  • A slogan or a quick explanation of what the company does or the services it offers
  • The business postal address
  • The URL / web address of the company website
  • Name or link to the main business page of your social media site (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • A contact phone

Make your card eye-catching, perhaps with a colorful graphic or logo, but don't go overboard with decoration. Remember that your business information is the most important thing on the card.