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Understanding Trailer Brake Systems

Specialized electric brake systems are designed to help with braking, but they can also be dangerous. Read this article to learn how to correctly use and maintain a trailer brake system.

Types of Electric Brake Systems

Electric trailer brakes systems are a popular way to stop trailers. There are three main types of electric trailer brake systems: hydraulic, air, and electric-hydraulic. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Hydraulic trailer brakes use pressurized fluid to stop the trailer. The fluid is typically stored in a reservoir on the trailer, and released when the brake is applied. This system is the most common type of trailer brake system.

Air Trailer Brakes use compressed air to stop the trailer. The compressor is usually located on the truck or trailer, and supplies air at a high pressure to the brakes. The high pressure stops the movement of the wheels quickly, making this system ideal for trailers with large wheels (like tractor trailers).

Electric-Hydraulic Trailer Brakes use electric motors to act as a pump, pressingurizing a hydraulic fluid reservoir. When the brake pedal is pressed, this fluid is released and acts against the wheel to stop it from moving. This system is more expensive than hydraulic systems, but it's also more powerful and can be used on smaller trailers.

How do they work?

Trailer braking systems work by attaching to the trailer's rear axle and using the trailer's weight to stop the trailer. The brake system is usually hydraulically operated and consists of two or more drums, each with its own brake shoe. When the brakes are applied, they cause the drum(s) to rotate, slowing down the trailer.

Issues with using an electric system as a brake.

When it comes to trailer brakes, electric systems are becoming more and more popular. Many people think that this is the best option because they are environmentally friendly and don't require any maintenance. Unfortunately, there are some issues with using an electric system as a brake.