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3 Rules To Avoid Child Model Scams & Rip-offs

Becoming a child model is a great way to start a college fund. And there's plenty of demand for new faces here in the United States and around the world. One of the biggest myths is that you have to enter pageants, and contests, and pay huge sums of money to get a talented agent.

This is simply NOT true. You should never have to pay any money in advance to a licensed agent – EVER. If you do, then you're being ripped off. You can find the best child casting calls via

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Here are 3 Rules to Avoid Scams & Rip-Offs:

Rule #1: Never pay anyone advance fees ever. I repeat, NEVER! If you are asked by any Modeling Agent for money before they get you a job, you can be sure they are NOT legitimate and you're being ripped off.

Rule #2: Legitimately licensed modeling agents never charge money or require upfront fees. They receive 10-20% commission on jobs they book for you after you get paid for the job.

Rule #3: Legitimately licensed model agents have relationships with casting directors, personal managers, photographers, producers, and production companies. They can legally negotiate deals for you.

Also, watch out for people who "claim" to be an agent, but are a modeling school. You don't need to spend tons of money and tons of time at a modeling school. All casting calls and commercial auditions are FREE. Just encourage your kids to be enthusiastic, confident, and most importantly – be themselves.