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What’s Multi-Door Access Control in Accrington?

Multi-door access control systems are software and peripheral devices that allow you to control multiple doors or access points. In Accrington, doorway entry control structures can be found in large commercial buildings, multifamily apartments, hotels, hospitals, and universities, as well as other buildings that require different levels of access control for multiple doors.

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Technically, a multi-door access control system can also be described as a two-door system. For this article, a multi-door system can meet the security and access control needs of large buildings or enterprises. It may be required to connect multiple doors to the same system, as well as potentially distant buildings.

Multi-Door Access Control Methods

Multi-door access control systems may use any one of the following methods to control access through multiple doors:

Card-Based Access

In Accrington, access credential is currently the most commonly used. Each card is assigned a unique number. Access can be set up for different doors with the same card number. For example, a visitor's card could be programmed only to open the front door for a day while an employee's card could be programmed permanently to access all internal doors. Access control software must support multiple access levels to allow keycards to be used for multi-door credentials.

Mobile Access

The credential is linked to the mobile phone of the user. An access control mobile app (e.g. Swiftlane) can grant you access to a specific door or opening. Swiftlane) sends the credential via Bluetooth, NFC, or an API call the cloud to the reader.

Biometric Access (Face Recognition or Fingerprints)

Credentials are tied to biometric identities such as fingerprints, retina, palm, and face. Biometric credentials are more secure than other types of credentials because they cannot be lost or stolen.