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Various Symptoms Of The Affected Tooth Cured By Dentist In Singapore

Regular dental check-ups are necessary to maintain the health of your mouth. The dentist diagnoses the affected area and treats it according to the position of the teeth. X-rays are usually done to analyze the position of the affected tooth by general dentistry. 

Chipped teeth can push adjacent molars to replace them. Common symptoms of an affected tooth are:

– The mouth gums swell at the back of the mouth.

– The jaw movement is painful and may be difficult to open.

– Bad breath causes complaints in everyday life.

– Bad taste in the mouth leads to less consumption of nutritious foods.

– Severe pain when the mouth opens to chew or bite food.

Severe pain can occur periodically. In some cases, it can come back weeks later. Therefore, it must be treated in a timely manner to avoid discomfort in everyday life. The dentist explains the location of the tooth and its infection. They provide instructions to follow during treatment.

Teeth are pulled when wisdom tooth infection spreads to nearby teeth. Tooth extraction can be performed under local anesthesia. The dentist determines the type of anesthesia and medication according to the patient's needs. Anesthesia is performed under the supervision of a surgeon before surgery.

Tooth extraction takes nearly 30 minutes, depending on its position in the mouth. Oral and maxillofacial surgery causes swelling of the cheeks and jaw. A wise dentist provides excellent patient care, especially for a wise person. Wisdom teeth ensure the best and most visible care for patients in need.