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Improve Your Home Security by Making Sliding Door Locks

Sliding door locks make a huge difference in securing your home. They can be the difference between a burglar breaking in and taking whatever he wants, and possibly not even noticing you were home. Sliding door locks are certainly not the only answer to home security, but they play their part.

If you have sliding doors in your home, do you know the importance of installing sliding Door Locks? It may help your family to be safe and secure. Do you know that many people will enter your home without permission by breaking your sliding glass door? By simply placing a lock on the door, you are enhancing locking and protecting your property.

Securing sliding glass doors by making sliding door locks is a simple, yet rewarding project that brings huge benefits. Not only will it help you cut crime rates, but will also give you some peace of mind and a more secure feeling.

Sliding door locks are the easiest locks to install in your home. They are easy to make and use, too. Even though they are simple, these sliding door locks are the most powerful keys for your security.

Home Security by Making Sliding Door Locks

There are several different types of sliding door locks, each with its own set of advantages. A sliding door bar lock consists of two pieces of metal that are similar to a metal ruler in size. One piece is affixed to the sliding door's frame, while the other piece is attached to the bottom of the sliding door itself. When you want to secure the door, you simply slide the bottom portion into place and lock it into place using a padlock or key.

A sliding door pin lock is similar to a sliding door bar lock but uses one long piece of metal instead of two shorter ones. This type of lock is often used when you want to secure a pair of doors together, such as French doors.

A sliding glass door handle with a lock consists of a regular doorknob style handle that has an opening for a key on one side or both sides. This type of handle operates like any other doorknob with a lock and is great for securing your patio area from intruders.

4 Ways To Improve Your Home Security By Making Sliding Door Locks

Sliding doors make it easy to move around your home and step outside, but they can also be a security risk if not properly secured. Many people are aware of the importance of keeping their front door locked by using a deadbolt, but they may overlook their sliding doors.

Take a moment to ensure your sliding door locks will keep intruders out of your home. Here are four ways to improve the security of your sliding doors:

1. Install Bolts

Most sliding doors have a lock at the top or bottom of the door that is used when you're away or you're looking to prevent children from opening the door. However, these locks are typically not very secure and can easily be broken into with a crowbar or similar tool.

Consider adding bolts above and below the lock that can be installed when you're away from home or when you want more security. These bolts will be more difficult to break into, which is why it's important to add them when you know there isn't anyone inside who needs a quick exit through the door.

2. Make Sure Your Door Has a Lock

The most basic security feature that your sliding door should have is a lock. Some older homes might not have one, or the lock may not be functioning properly anymore. If this is the case for you, simply replacing the lock will improve your home's security immensely.

3: Apply Window Film

Another simple way to improve your home security by making sliding door locks is to apply window film. Window film makes it harder for intruders to see inside your home, but it also acts as a safety measure. If someone does break the glass, the film will hold the shards together and make it harder for them to get inside.

4. Put a stick in the track

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to secure your sliding door is to place a wooden wedge into the bottom of the track. Simply place it so that it is wedged under the door, effectively preventing its movement. This method is incredibly easy and quick, but it isn't very effective if someone really wants to gain access through your door. It is also important to note that if you have a pet or small children in the house, they could easily move or knock over this wooden wedge, giving someone else access to your home.