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Tag: Genetic Testing Ireland

Get To Know About DNA Paternity Testing In Ireland

DNA paternity test helps in indicating whether or not a particular man is the biological father of a child. A paternity test can be conducted for peace of mind or legal purposes. Paternity tests are easy to conduct as well. The parents can collect their own DNA samples by performing a self-buccal swabbing test.

DNA tests can be conducted to verify grand parentage as well. Most grand parentage tests are conducted in case of property disputes. There may be different techniques used by the laboratories to conduct the test. You can get more information about the paternity test via

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DNA testing is done with the help of DNA profiling. DNA profiling is also called genetic fingerprinting. DNA is a complex chemical structure that is unique and different for each organism. In other words, the genome is made up of DNA. 

A sample can be obtained from various sources like the buccal cells, blood or even hair, etc. the results can be obtained in five to ten days. If the testing is done by CVS or amniocentesis, then it takes about three to four weeks.

Many laboratories offer home testing kits. The kit also contains the instructions for conducting the test successfully at home. This can be done using a buccal swab or a cheek swab. Now, this swab is sent to the laboratory for testing. These tests are equally reliable if the instructions are followed carefully.