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Why To Buy A Used Crane?

The purchase of an overhead crane can be an expensive purchase, so used cranes are typically at the very least thought of as an alternative. Of course, it's a cheaper option in the first place however, is it actually less expensive? Below are some issues to ask. If you want to hire the best tidd cranes, you can search via online sources.

tidd cranes

  • Are you able to find components for the crane you have? The older cranes are more durable and feature a built-up style that allows you to purchase several of the components on the market because them being standard industry components. This is the case with motors, contactors couplings, and bearings to mention just a few.

  • What is my liability when I purchase an existing crane and make changes to it? The manufacturer's liability is entirely eliminated when you alter the crane. The majority of used cranes will require an overhaul that will require major mechanical changes.

  • Does the crane have the proper capacity for my project? There are other costs to take into consideration. The crane is heavier and requires a bigger runway and footings to carry the dead weight of the crane

  • Are you willing to let go of the peace of mind that comes with assurance? The majority of used cranes do not have a warranty. New cranes are now typically sold with a one-year warranty on labor and parts, and an additional year of parts for non-wear items. 

There are numerous stories of an old crane being renovated, but it is important to be cautious and planning must be put in order in order to make the best choice.