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Tag: kamoer dosing pump

How Aquarium Dosing Pumps Are Beneficial for Your Tank

It seems easy to keep a fish tank full of fish. Fish will die if there is too much alkalinity in the water and the pH is too high. Dosing aquarium pumps are probably the best way to address this problem. 

This device acts as a time-release mechanism for any chemicals that are necessary to maintain the delicate balance of your tank's life-sustaining system. Online sources can help you find the best Kamoer metering pump that fits your aquarium.

kamoer dosing pump

These are only four of the most popular dosing pumps on the market right now.

Bubble Magus pump-The Bubble Magus pump has three channels for dosing. However, it can be extended to seven or 11 channels with a dosing extension (sold separately). This Bubble Magus pump has automatic time-sharing among channels to prevent chemical interference from different fluids being added to an aquarium.

Kamoer 3 Channel Dosing vacuum: The dosing pump is rapidly becoming popular in the United States. This pump is similar to the Bubble Magus but has more programming options and better quality components.

Kamoer 4 Channel Pump-It could be the same inside working components as the Kamoer 3 Channel, but with an additional channel that allows one to update a fourth component such as Coral Food or Trace Components.

Aquatics Aqua– Aquatics Aqua Lifter can pump water up to 30 inches at a flow rate of 3.5 gallons per hour. This pump can be used to dose trace elements for aquariums (or reptile terraria).

We believe that the Reef Aquarium should be maintained with a dosing pump. You can get a healthy reef aquarium with the Aqualifter, Kamoer Dosing Pump, and Bubble Magus Pump.