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Tattoo Removal – Everything You Need to Know

While many people associate tattoos with prison relationships, sailors, gangs, and hippies, some cultures still use them today as important tools of possession, such as tattoos on the face and body.

Whether a tattoo can be completely removed depends on several factors, including the size of the tattoo, the type and color of pigment used, the professionalism of the tattoo artist, the age of the tattoo, and the person's natural skin tone.

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Types of tattoo removal

The three most commonly used types of tattoo removal. 

-surgical excision


-Laser tattoo removal

Surgical excision. This type is the most common and is still used in cases where the tattoo seems difficult to remove or works best when removed surgically by a doctor. Your surgeon will cut off the culprit and then stitch up the wound.

In areas where the tattoo is very large, skin grafts from other parts of the body are used. Scars are formed and of course, the risk of infection is higher. However, when the tattoo is relatively small, many people say it is the best method because the result is the best.

Laser tattoo removal. The most common technique used today. The pigments in the tattoo are directed with the help of a high-intensity laser beam. The laser "breaks down" the ink and is eventually broken down and safely absorbed by the body. 

Certified Laser Hair Removal

The first thing that anyone looking into availing themselves of the various hair removal services being offered should realize is that the field is generally unregulated in all provinces. There are many laser hair removal salons in Lexington SC that provide hair removal services.

Therefore, it is very much a case of "caveat emptor" – buyer beware. There are only two effective technologies for permanent hair reduction – laser and electrolysis. They have one thing in common, in that they use heat energy to destroy the hair follicle.

The best thing for anyone contemplating hair removal treatments is to be very thorough in doing their homework. Several businesses offering hair removal should be consulted before making a final choice. And price should not be your only criterion.

In choosing a hair removal provider, you should get information on the following points:

– Are you a suitable candidate for the laser? Basic, but the laser does not work on blonde or white hair, despite claims to the contrary. Many medications (Rx & non) affect photosensitivity, precluding laser treatment.

– Equipment Used? – Is it actually a laser? (many advertised "lasers" are actually an IPL system, which is much less powerful, and some of these are ineffective)

– Is the type of laser suitable and safe for your skin type? This is especially important for darker skin types, and there is no such thing as a laser suitable for all people.

– Operator training? The field is unregulated, and it is a fact that some operate a medical laser after as little as one hour of training, or have simply read the owner's manual. The fact that the operator is a medical professional is in itself no assurance of adequate skill.