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Important Things You Should Know About Opossum Catchers

It was early autumn. Cold days and cold rain. To us, Possums must have looked as cold as the Arctic, coming from the warm, sunny south.

We put a lot of cotton in her box thinking she would use it as a blanket, but Osum's mother had never heard of it. You can also check for the best opossum catchers in Sydney via the web.

A Possum

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This caused the bags to cool quickly, so we had to change the water eight to ten times a day and often had to go to the museum at night to refill. At night we provide extra warmth by burying the box in the warm sand with the cigar box door closed.

Mother Possum drinks a lot of milk, eats more bananas than she can believe, and eats fat locusts. Cool-weather slows down bunkers, making it easy to stock up.

There were shelves with bottles, paint boxes, broken glass, all manner of iron rods and pipes, and everything needed for the job. The floor under the shelves was full, and large vats of plaster, cement, and sand stood nearby. The mother possum throws herself in a lot of these things.

We never expected to return it. They eventually found an electric light at the end of a long cord, attached to a long pipe, and the babies hung safely.