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Three Approaches to Scoliosis Treatment in Singapore

There is a group of chiropractors, physical therapists, and others who offer alternative treatments for scoliosis spinal manipulation. ACA states that "spinal manipulation, therapeutic exercises, and electrical muscle stimulation are also recommended in the treatment of scoliosis.

Chiropractic and therapy are on the list of feasible approaches, as well as the lack of clinical studies showing effective treatment, some providers still use the exercise. Chiropractic care in USA  is the best option for lower back pain treatment.

A popular therapy with a fun title to attract patients. One of these methods takes advantage of the allure of quick adaptation, which involves a two-week "training camp" – a modern term for concentrated exercise – combined with an exercise program to be performed at home. 

Unfortunately, this method has no randomized clinical trial results to back up the vendor's claims. Second, common sense tells you that scoliosis that takes months and possibly years to develop cannot be corrected in weeks,  

We all know the benefits of exercises like yoga and Pilates. However, in scoliosis patients, these activities may have little or no impact and can even destabilize the spine unless they are in a flexible orthosis such as SpineCor during exercise.

First, although orthopedic surgeons tend to recommend hard braces, clinical studies for these braces are bleak, leading many to wonder why they are prescribed so often. The main reason for the failure of hard braces, which are used only in the case of children, is the lack of compliance due to discomfort.