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Tag: seal integrity test

Modern Water Leak Detection Technique

The introduction of AMI and acoustic technologies has come as a big boon in reducing water loss and lower carbon footprint and at the same time improving operational efficiencies.

Two-way AMI systems

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that more than 1 trillion gallons of water are pumped, treated, and transported from homes each year at great expense. There are many companies available that provide package leak detector & seal integrity tester systems.

Fortunately, the synergy of Advanced Measurement Infrastructure (AMI) and acoustic technology is proving to be an effective way to reduce energy and Non-Revenue Water Loss (NRW) while saving time and resources.

At this point, it should be mentioned that AMI also makes sense for gas suppliers. With any gas leak, one can accurately identify the fault and take the necessary actions to reduce the losses caused by the leak.

Two-way AMI for better billing information

Using a two-way AMI system, the process from meter reading to billing has been simplified, along with connecting meters, controllers, and distribution sites into a single data network.

This causes the network to automate the process of determining the exact amount of water a customer uses over a given period of time and also provides information that helps reduce water loss effectively as users can take action to prevent water leakage and improve water quality. savings. Process.

Automatic detection of major leaks

Using highly sensitive acoustic sensors and advanced algorithms in conjunction with a two-way AMI network, larger leaks in distribution can be identified and detected from miles away. The information provided can help prioritize improvement projects effectively, making the most of saved time and resources.

Empowering Consumers

Consumers find it useful to reduce water bills and also be responsible for household water consumption. Two-way AMI systems are made easier to use with a web-based portal that graphically displays user usage data.