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What Is Computer Software Licensing?

Software licenses regulate the use as well as distribution of software for computers. Software is typically protected by copyright, with the possible exception of software in the public domain. There are three kinds of software licenses for computers that are available, proprietary licenses, free licenses, and open source licenses. 

The proprietary license grants access to software to the ultimate user, while retaining ownership of the software. Free software licenses give full rights in accordance with copyright laws to the owner of the copy that is owned by the software but retains the copyright for the software. You can know more about software licensing via

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Open source licenses give permissive licenses that give the user the ability to use the software in nearly whatever way they want and even reverse engineering. If software for computers that is proprietary is purchased, licensing is usually an essential clause in the contracting agreement between the software's publisher and customer of the software. 

Software licensing for computers safeguards their copyright. For instance, with proprietary software, licensing prohibits the user from copying the program or installing it on more than one computer or editing the code or making significant changes to the software in any way. The licenses can also contain statements to discourage the piracy of software by restricting reverse engineering.

Furthermore, computer software licensing can be employed as an excuse. A majority of EULA agreements stipulate that the software's creator is not responsible for any unforeseeable situations that arise from the software's use for data loss, loss of time or use or computer failures.