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Tag: steel frame construction

Structural Steel Framing- The Workhorse of The Construction Industry

In modernized cities, there are many thousands of structures and buildings that are used as places of residence and business alike. Some of these structures are hundreds of feet above the streets and are situated adjacent to and have a majestic appearance among the lower surroundings.

These colossal symbols of human ingenuity could not possibly exist without an equally colossal amount of framing and plating. All buildings must have a frame like this to hold their own weight against the earth's gravity. As a result, many manufacturing companies have risen to meet the structural requirements of those who wish to build structures.

Many metals have been used to forge these structural necessities, although the most cost-effective solution to make structure supplies with is now steel. This alloy is not very expensive and offers excellent strength at the same time. Steel is formed into many different parts for structures, and many buildings' framework is 100% composed of steel. You can view all frame products here.

Possibly the most common and important usage of steel in a structural environment is for beams. Steel beams, when bolted or welded together, are the basic units for constructing the inner framework of almost all buildings. Steel is used for more than just one type of beam.

Other elements of buildings are comprised of steel as well. Building foundations constructed out of concrete simply are not stable enough for buildings that are hundreds of feet tall. So, steel rods are welded together into a lattice shape to enhance the tensile strength of the concrete slab that the building will be resting on.