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The Rise Of Code Assessment Platforms And Software Developer Recruitment

Despite the pandemic, software developer recruitment and filling business-critical technical roles remain a necessity. Recruitment consultancy firm Morgan Mckinley told “Software engineers, IT auditors, cybersecurity experts, and data and analytics professionals will continue to be in demand.”

A Randstad Key Talent Impacted By COVID-19 report observed that data and software development roles saw an increase in volume (1% and 8% respectively). Hiring managers are focused on maintaining the hiring process to fill critical business roles by adopting new virtual hiring processes.

Organizations have increased usage of code assessment platforms to help reach the goal of making quick hiring decisions. You can also opt for the best coding assessment tools in order to hire the appropriate candidate for a particular position.

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These platforms can potentially improve the remote interview transition and speed at which hiring managers fill technical positions. An industry trends guide by Coderbyte reported that code assessment platforms now claim that they can reduce interviewing timeframes by 50%.

Although this may be true, it is only half the challenge to accurately determine a candidate’s on-the-job potential remains a challenge to do without bias.

Speed up and accentuate: Save time and hassles by making your tests and assessments automated and backed by AI.

This way, you can also make your entire process lean towards selection instead of elimination. This can be easily and effectively done through technical skills screening software and some sophisticated coding assessment tools.