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Top Signs Your Teen Or Child Needs Professional Counselling

Jun 29, 2021 Health and Fitness

Many people think of childhood as an unrestricted time.  Some people, however, don't seem to have a smooth transition from childhood to adulthood. If you think your child needs counselling then you can simply hire professional child counselling in San Antonio at

Here are some guidelines for when a child or teenager may need counselling.

1. There are long periods of sadness.

A child or adolescent might seem sad for several days, or even weeks. They will not feel better if they aren't helped by anything. You can't distract or entertain them. Sometimes, the child will cry over small and large things and then not be able to stop. 

2. Withdrawn behaviour

Teens and kids who are withdrawing have little to no interest in being with their friends. They prefer to be alone and not with their friends.

3. Feeling angry.

Sometimes, angry children and adolescents can be very persistent. They might get in fights with their peers. They might vent their anger at adults. This is sometimes tantrum-like behaviour. These children can be disruptive to the household.

4. Feeling anxious and worried.

Teens and children can worry a lot. When they're away from home, they worry about their parents. They are concerned about their parents being injured. They fear that their parents will die or that they will need to move again. They make things to worry about all day.