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What Are the Best Ways to Use Black Truffle Salt?

May 20, 2022 Health and Fitness

What is Truffle Salt? Truffle Salt was originally developed in France, in the late 1800s by a French chef, Hugues Fragon. Invented by blending coarse sea salt and rich olive oil, black truffle salt quickly became popular in coastal restaurants and homes throughout France. Because truffle salt is cheaper than ordinary sea salt and can be made into a flavored spread, it quickly became the preferred cooking ingredient in coastal kitchens. However, because it's more expensive than regular sea salt, it's had a low profile ever since.

As the demand for this highly-used seasoning increased, Truffle Salt manufacturers started to compete for the right to be called the "best salts" or "world's best salts". The popularity of black truffle salt began to grow as did its reputation. In more coastal areas, this type of salt was also referred to as black truffle salt. It's no secret that truffle is a popular treat among upscale consumers, so it wasn't long before this popular herb was being called a form of "medical cocaine" by those who couldn't pronounce it properly. In some parts of Europe, the truffle is even illegal.

But, does it have any medicinal benefits? On its own, Truffle is a highly-nutritious treat that can be sprinkled on just about any food to create that luxurious buttery, cheesy, or spicy taste. And with the popcorn twist, you'll never be bored again.

Here are some other medicinal benefits of truffle salt:

– Truffles contain trace amounts of calcium and magnesium, which makes them a healthy alternative to regular salt. Unlike regular table salt, truffles don't make you feel tired or lacking in vital minerals. Instead, magnesium and calcium work with the body to help keep you from feeling run down or lethargic. If you often feel run down and lack energy, try eating a nice bag of truffles to give your body a pick-me-up.

– You don't need to serve this luxurious spice straight up on a plate. You can actually use truffle salt as an ingredient for a delicious dessert. For example, instead of serving plain, calorie-free ice cream on your birthday, serve it with a scoop of truffle salt. This dessert will be absolutely rich and creamy, and you won't be able to tell the ice cream was ever in the bag! Another way to enjoy truffle salt is to top off your favorite yogurt or fruit dessert with the tiny balls of the great savory. Then top with a bit of whipped cream and some sliced strawberries for a sweet treat that you can be sure your guests will love.

– Truffle oil is another great addition to your kitchen pantry. If you've ever been in a cooking store and smelled the spices that were available for making potpourri, you know how powerful that smell is. You can easily add that same powerful aroma to your food by using truffle oil on your cooking meats, seafood, and vegetables. Even if you decide not to use truffle salt on your cooking foods, the oil will go a long way to adding a wonderful aroma to any dish you create.

– Another popular question that many people ask is what are the best ways to use black truffle salt? Most often, people elect to use the wonderful flavor in their favorite high-end recipes. If you've ever had truffle in a recipe, you know that it adds that little something extra to the dish. Whether you're in the mood for something light or rich, this salt offers an extraordinary array of flavors, from mildly spicy to very sweet. You can make a simple dish into an extravagant one simply by selecting the right combination of flavors.

– The earthy, nutty, or lightly nutty taste is quite nice when paired with creamy cheeses, soups, and stews. These types of combinations will also pair well with white wines. It will bring out a blend of both sharp and smooth. Although the earthy and nutty truffle flavor can sometimes be overpowering, once you discover the distinctive flavors of truffles, you'll quickly find a method in which you can continually use this salt in order to bring out all of its wonderful aromas.