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Month: June 2017

Know Your Shaving Products

When it comes to deciding what to buy shaving products is not as easy as grabbing the first thing you see or short to get a new product you have to see on a commercial basis. With proper technique, the shaving products you use can have a huge impact on the quality of your shaving experience.

Therefore, if you strive to get the best shave possible, you must research products and understand what you use before scraping a razor on your skin. This article will arm you with some basic knowledge of the essential difference between shaving creams and shaving gels or foams.

Shaving Creams

Lathering Cream (Foreman preferred product)
Shaving cream foam offers the best protection and ultimately the most comfortable shave because it incorporates the use of water to create a foam, which also provides moisture to your skin. Other essentials are fat and glycerin for better lubrication and protection possible.

These creams can be applied with fingers or a good shaving brush. We recommend using the brush, as it will provide a better lather and also raise a mustache on your face, in the preparation for cutting.

Non-lathering Cream
These creams are designed to be applied using the fingers and do not require the use of water, offering ease of use. Many products like this offer a good shave and some guys prefer a non-foaming cream because they can more easily see where they have already shaved.

Shaving gels

Foams or sprays shaving gels are by far the most popular product available. Not because they work better because they are easy to use and find. Gels and foams provide a handful of lather at the touch of a button, but it is the foam quality, not quantity that is important.

What matters is what happens at the interface between the skin and shaving cream. Most gels and foams use gas to produce their foam. Gas (isobutane or propane) is compressed in the liquid state and mixed with the shaving substance.

Then, when it is removed from the vessel under pressure to a pressure reduction of the button to move back into a gaseous state, providing foaming action. Although what comes out of the box may appear soft and rich, it is mainly the gas that provides no protection when you scrape a razor on your skin.