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How Can Craniosacral Therapy Help Me?

Pain originates from your nervous system, which sends pain signals up and down your body and spinal cord. Since the source of pain can come from a single location, it is not surprising that doctors have found that the best way to get pain relief is to target a single location on your body.

Clinics are proud to offer a new way to relieve pain through therapy, which is very important because the medical procedure is non-invasive. You can hire the best craniosacral practitioner via

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With Craniosacral Therapy, the tissues and joints of your skull are touched very gently. When used by a doctor trained in craniosacral therapy, it can significantly reduce pain by relaxing and loosening the tissue around this joint.

By releasing tension in the skull, tension in surrounding areas such as the spinal cord and nervous system is also reduced. In other words, when your nervous system subsides, your pain will decrease! There is no postoperative recovery to worry about and there is no risk of side effects from the drug.

Craniosacral therapy is known to relieve migraines, neck and chest pain, injuries to the brain and spinal cord, and more. CST assesses the entire fascia and the bones to identify restrictions and to release them to reduce pain and improve physical health.

But CST can also be used to improve mental & emotional wellbeing. When we have a negative emotional experience, this can have a profound impact on our neurobiology, changing the way the brain is wired and how our nervous system functions.