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How Can Eyelash Extensions Save Your Money?

A beautiful work of art is incomplete without a perfect frame; lash extensions will serve as a frame to enhance the beauty of your eyes. If you are among those who are not blessed with beautiful long lashes, we can understand your woes. 

These women go out of the way, spending time and money applying mascara or falsies to make their eyes look attractive. Eyelash extensions give women on the go the privilege to save both time and money while flaunting a celebrity look 24/7. You can also buy individual lashes online.

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They are low maintenance and look good on their own

To make your lashes last longer, follow these rules. You can save money by ditching these eye make-up essentials:

1. Mascara

When having extensions, you can say good-bye to your favorite, high-end mascara. If you stop using mascara every day, it means you can save from $3 to $ 30 depending on the brand you use or the place you shop. 

Additionally, you can swim or work out without the fear of emerging with streaks or smudges. With eyelash extensions, whether you are running to the nearby grocery or prepping for a dinner date, no need to keep checking and redoing your mascara time and again.

2. False Lashes

Women who apply fake strip lashes every day know the ordeal they have to go through; it is time-consuming and annoying because you need to wake up early. 

Most of the time, it may take 2 to 3 trials to get them right. These lashes can range from $ 5 to $ 30. If you are among those who apply false lashes daily, this might roughly cost you $ 100 per month based on your preference and taste. Savings all the way! Right!