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How Can You Print Business Cards In Ireland

Whether you’ve just started a new business, or are looking at ideas of how to drum up clients for an existing one, you may be thinking about getting business cards printed. But just how do you get business cards printed? 

If you’ve done a bit of research, you’ve probably found that there are several places that can facilitate business card printing in Dublin.

Check your printer can do it

Before you begin designing and planning all of the beautiful business cards you want to create, check to make sure the printer you have access to is capable of printing onto the right type of card. 

You’ll be looking at the maximum weight of paper your printer can handle, in order to work this out. Have a read of your printer’s manual, or look up the manual for the printer make and model online if you can’t find a physical copy. 

Buying card

After figuring out the GSM that your printer can handle, you can then go about sourcing paper that fits the requirements. There are many different types of cardstock to choose from when it comes to finding one to print your own business cards on. 

You should also consider what color you would like your cards to be printed on. Would you like to go for a white card? Does a classy cream look? Or maybe something a little bright, colorful, and out there? 

This decision can be a pretty personal one, as a business card can reflect the vibe you want people to associate with your brand.