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Know About Traditional Japanese Dining Menu

When rice and fish are the primary ingredients of Sushi, not any rice makes it perfect. The Japanese restaurants in Irashai make sure to use only the distinctive quality of Japanese rice sticky because it gives the dish an absolute flavor and texture.

You can also judge out this dish by the name of "vinegar rice" because the rice used in sushi is seasoned with sugar and vinegar initially. You can satisfy your taste buds by ordering food from irashai restaurant which is delivering authentic japanese food in Fairbanks.

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This traditional Japanese dish is then topped with other ingredients like fish, vegetables, and various meats also. Soy sauce, wasabi, and pickled ginger are additional ingredients that are used before eating it.

When Sushi is known to be delicious food to be surely served on your platter while having Japanese food, it is equally healthy also. Both the main ingredients of Sushi, Rice, and raw fish, are a great source of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, and minerals.

Even the vegetables and additional ingredients like egg and tofu that are used in Sushi are highly nutritive. Moreover, the fat content is very low in them. Mostly it is Omega-3 that you will find in Sushi food and it is good for the heart.

Well at the same time, it is important to highlight that Sushi can sometimes prove to be dangerous also.

If fish like tuna especially blue fin is used in it then it contains high levels of mercury which is dangerous when consumed in significant amounts. Therefore, make sure that you consume Sushi in limited quantities that your body and weight allow.