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Suggestions About Log Home Restoration

Log home restoration will be your best bet for the maintenance of your log house. If you're a log homeowner, you have in mind the substances that can become a concern on the physical appearance of your logs. Direct sunlight, rain, wind in addition to snow can certainly all inflict havoc on the surface of the logs, even though you've sealed them.

To keep your house looking its finest, you have to restore your log house every five years, or when needed depending upon the harshness of the conditions in your area. Making certain you carefully strip, stain, check out the logs for rot, and make use of a shielding stain helps keep your log houses looking new.

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After some time, logs are going to darken and look lifeless, and you might need to strip that stain to put a new stain on. Stripping stain is often a messy process.

The correct and most comprehensive strategy to strip stain will be to corn blast or maybe sandblast the previous stain away. In corn blasting, you'll use a rented unit to shoot broken corn kernels at the logs, stripping the stain away.

Many homeowners opt for this as an eco-friendly choice. Sandblasting mainly does exactly the same, only with fine grains of sand. You could rent the equipment from a tool rental retail store, or perhaps employ the service of a restoration specialist to make it happen.