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Top Tips for Hiring Professional Translators In Sydney

It is not necessary that every professional proves to be a professional translator. If you want your medical text to be translated, it is NOT steadfast law that every doctor will be a good choice for converting your medical document into a foreign language.

Punctuality/Meeting Deadlines

You will find many linguists who are qualified, educated, expert, and experienced but NOT punctual. Punctuality is a very necessary characteristic. However, you can also hire professional translators at

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It makes qualified a Professional. If the translator lacks punctuality, you can say "he is qualified" but you can't say (in my personal opinion) "he is a professional".

Qualification + Education + Experience – Punctuality = UN PROFESSIONAL

Proficiency in Both, Source & Target Language

Translator must have a very strong grip on both languages. Always hire the one who is native in target language.

Native translator is always better than non-native, keeping in account the qualification and experience. The translated text will always show weakness if translated by a non-native.

Under certain circumstances, you can hire non-natives, where the native speaker is not available or where the translator is not native but he spent years in country + company of native speakers.

Beware of Literary Document

When it comes to translation of any piece of art, writings of great writers & works of prominent poets you should be careful.

Never ever forward such kind of project to a translator who hasn't translated such text before. It is not necessary that a linguist with medical experience of 10 years is competent enough to translate such text. In conclusion, your recruitment process needs to be very cautious.