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Tag: best clothes for mountain biking

Retro Mountain Bike Jerseys

One of the hottest sportsy fashions of the moment includes mountain bike(MTB) apparel. While these jerseys were originally intended for mountain bikers, other sports enthusiasts are sporting these jerseys too. MTB jerseys are frequently referred to as bike jerseys. 

They are specifically designed for people who are avid mountain bikers. These jerseys are not just like regular jerseys as these are specially designed to be with a long back. This is a great feature for mountain bikers as the long-back design of the jerseys allows riders' lower backs to stay protected when he bends his back over the handlebar of his bicycle. You can purchase it from online shopping sites such as

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In addition, specially designed jerseys typically have pockets for storage situated at the back. These pockets are strategically placed in the back to prevent things from spilling out, as is the most likely thing to occur if pockets are placed in front.

While jerseys aren't needed for mountain bikers, particularly in conditions that are humid and sweat tends to evaporate more quickly, many users still choose to wear jerseys due to the variety of advantages that are provided through these types of jerseys.

Additionally MTB jerseys are made up from lightweight material,and they are suitable for all sports that require minimal resistance to water, wind and speed.