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How to Straighten Overly Curly Hair

Brazilian keratin, also known as "Escova Progresiva" can cost as much as $ 600, claiming to turn dry and curly hair into fine smooth hair for months. Stylists and clients must wear gas masks because of the formaldehyde, a cancer-causing chemical. Keratin is a protein that forms hair. This protein is made by a specific connector of amino acids specifically. This is how hair gets its strength.


The only way for curly hair to become permanently straight is to break those amino acid bonds.  And the only chemical that will break those bonds is HOH (hydroxide) as in sodium hydroxide or calcium hydroxide. You can buy sodium hydroxide for your hair straightening treatment. 

Any chemical that causes a permanent change to the hair, ie, permanent color, permanents, relaxers, will have to have a retouch, this is the new growth from the scalp out, this depends on how fast a persons hair grows, so any product that says it will last a definite amount of time should be avoided.

Unfortunately, This is an industry that isn't regulated by the FDA, companies have gone crazy with the advertising. This is why it is important for professionals to have product knowledge. Professionals know that the most effective way to use keratin, which is derived from turkey feathers, cow hooves, etc, is as an intensive conditioner to stop breakage, this is done by wrapping each strand of hair in microfibers.