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Is Hemp Extract The Same As CBD?

The trending Google search phrase of the day is: "Is pure berry extract exactly like cbd?" Other common problems are"what's the difference between CBD and hemp lubricant?" and, "Does hemp lubricant include pure CBD oil?"

The answer is no, they're two entirely different things. However, it's extremely common for people to believe differently. Are you looking to buy organic cbd products online then search the websites of service providers.

While shopping for CBD many men and women think they're getting a"deal" if they're searching for CBD oil and see 3000 mg pure berry extract for a fraction of the price and wind up buying it. The reality is, this isn't a deal.

Hemp extract does not contain CBD, except for Phyto-Cannabinoid Rich hemp oil, which does.

We invite you to read below the gaps between the two. CBD oil and hemp oil are exceptional products that benefit our health but do so in various ways.

Both come from other areas of the cannabis plant and for that reason have different uses and advantages. But it's easy to confuse the two, and brands do not make it any easier for clients to tell the difference, sometimes on purpose – sometimes not.

Sadly, some tag their products with only that in your mind to trick customers, which is the reason why it's important to always read the ingredients list on the back of any merchandise you might be interested in.

Do NOT let advertising tactics fool you. Sadly, there are quite a few brands cashing in on the demand and cannabis course by creating false claims that their products include CBD when they receive none. Some brands are collecting hemp seed lubricant Cannabis sativa lubricant, which is very deceiving.