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Tag: Interior Design Process

Understanding The Interior Design Process

If this is your first time working with a home or business designer, you may not understand everything that goes into the process. Ultimately, understanding the entire project and each design phase can save you time and money. 

Every design company works differently, and every project is different in the number of stages you will go through. The main stages of a design project are:

Schematic Design: 

This is the first stage of the design process, which determines the project scope. As a client, you are deeply involved in this part of the process with designers and sometimes architects if necessary. Designers and architects provide illustrative sketches and show materials to make sure the concept is going in the direction you want it to go. 

Design Development: 

In the next stage, the concept must be implemented in concrete action elements. This step will help identify problem areas that may not have been seen before. During the design development phase, the company creates architectural sketches and material blueprints for architects and interior designers. 

Design Documents: 

In this phase, initial drawings created in the project development phase are now converted into working documents specified for accuracy and code requirements. All materials used in the project have been completed and the specifications have been prepared. Once this is done, the document serves as a tool for building the project. 

Tender Stage: 

In the tender stage, construction documents are sent to prospective contractors so that they can prepare bids. A quote is an estimate of the cost and time it will take to complete your design project. Your design company will handle project management jobs during this phase. It can take up to six weeks for a housing project to see its original listing.

Construction Management: 

Manual work starts in the last phase. A good design company will make sure that the expectations for the deadlines are met that you agree to them before you start building. The actual material to be used will be provided to you for final approval prior to installation. You should always be able to schedule appointments to see progress. At the end of this phase, your design project is complete!