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Brief About Bathroom Tapwares

While large items are definitely essential for a bathroom renovation, smaller accessories shouldn't be overlooked. Especially bathroom fixtures.

The attractiveness of a room can be determined by the finer details, not the bulky and expensive fixtures like showers and bathrooms. That's why items like bathroom fixtures shouldn't be a secondary consideration. Therefore, there are various design options.

Choosing the right tapware for your bathroom can be difficult because of the available options.  There are several companies like Methven that are famous for their unique and beautiful bathroom tapware.  

bathroom tapware

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Read on to find out which type of bathroom faucet is right for your bathroom

Bathroom faucet type

Sink faucets are available in various sizes. Many modern solutions in the form of a candy bar are compared with two separate taps. The traditional British domestic tapware model is usually supplied in pairs for two perforated sinks and is divided into hot and cold taps.

Pillar taps have two separate cranes and are often used in traditionally designed pools. One tap draws hot water while the other draws cold water. Warm and cold water flow separately into your pool.

Bathroom taps are usually of two types – cross heads and levers. Crosshead faucets are often available with rounded spouts and traditional lines for a classic look. The levers can be in different designs.

Mixer tap

This faucet combines your hot and cold faucets into one rod. They have separate controls for hot and cold water.

Simple and minimalist bathroom faucets are an alternative to more modern sink faucets. You can easily do the job of two separate bathroom taps and look great while doing it. The mixer ensures that flow and temperature can be controlled easily with one lever.