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How to Select Colors for Your Color Printing Materials

Sometimes it can be difficult to make an impression on people with direct mail marketing pieces. In fact, most of the marketing brochures, postcards, and sales letters that are received are either scanned briefly or thrown away immediately.

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How to Select Colors for Your Color Printing Materials

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As with all the junk that most of us receive in our mailboxes every day, standing out among Detroitites requires careful planning of both delivery and design. Additionally, color can really make graphics and text stand out. Here is your guide to choosing the best color printing option.

Use Color to Emphasize Text

Shadow is a remarkably powerful tool in exposing text, much more than using bold or italic types. Generally, the larger the text you use in printed material, the brighter the color should still be readable. Note that if you use color as the background for text, try and use light colors to make it as simple as possible to browse. After designing, keep in mind that the colors you see on the monitor will generally be darker than the printed materials.

Use Accent Colors

An accent color can help you communicate information efficiently, allowing your audience to connect the dots inside your message. Specific colors are used for titles, coupon codes, your recipients may recommend that they contact you personally, in addition to specific product or manufacturer names, and some other essential benefits you need to emphasize your message needed.

Use Your Logo Colors

Your logo is one of the most important parts of your new one, and as such, it should be on every marketing piece. Produce a consistent branding message using colors from the logo on each printed item. If you have yet to design your logo, use colors that can be used in the headlines on your postcard and brochure, and emphasize the details in your own text.

Take Your Paper Choice Seriously

Depending on if you use a coat or maybe you don't, your color choices may look fundamentally different. A third choice included with the option of paper and coating would be to use a unique kind of coat that provides the illusion of texture, while actually offering a completely smooth finish.