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What Are The Uses Of Pulse Oximeter Tester

All available pulse oximeters work the same. All of them have a sensor and processor, as well as a display. These three elements are combined into a compact, lightweight unit that can be placed on the fingertip of a portable fingertip oximeter.

You can also buy Pulse Oximeter Tester, Pulse Ox Analyzer, Sp02 Analyzer and Ox-1 through the internet.These pulse oximeters detect the oxygen saturation of hemoglobin in blood. The hemoglobin molecules within arterial blood are detected by the pulse oximeter. The amount of oxygen in the hemoglobin will affect its color. Nearly all oximeters include a sensor that can be inserted with a fingertip. A fingertip, an earlobe, or nose could be used to detect the oximeter. A photo detector detects changes in light intensity after the light has passed through translucent tissue.

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Pulse Oximeters are an important piece of equipment that can be used for the following activities:

  • Training at high altitudes and sport at high altitudes
  • Mountain climbers. Hypoxia can make climbing extremely dangerous.

  • Training in breath hold and free diving. Monitoring SpO2 can help to ensure safety and record any improvements in lung function due to training.
  • Certain aspects of sports training, especially at altitude training, such as intermittent hypoxic training, are not possible.

To find some excellent benefits of pulse oximeters for your patients recovery you need to have  different quality of pulse oximeter equipment as the use of pulse oximeters in medical settings has increased. They are routinely used in hospitals, both during surgery and in recovery.